Getting started with TDD

Test Driven Development is something I have heard a lot about in the last year or two but I hadn’t had an opportunity to try it for myself until I started the LevelUp program that ThoughtWorks runs to help students who are close to graduating build skills that they will need as they venture into the workplace.

So what is TDD about? It’s a different programming paradigm to the one I’m used to and the one I’ve been taught at uni. TDD is about writing your tests first, running them to see that they are failing, and then writing the code to ensure the tests will pass. It is about deliberately and incrementally adding small pieces of functionality, all the while making sure that it is comprehensively tested as it is written rather than as an afterthought.

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What I’d like to achieve in the last year of my CS degree

Today marks the last day of a three month long summer break. Tomorrow will be the first day of the final year of my Masters of Computer Science degree. Since quitting my full time job at the end of 2013, my goals have shifted somewhat. Initially I went back to study to combat the dissatisfaction I had felt with my career for quite a while. Since then it has become more about carving out my own path in technology and hopefully making it a bit easier for other women to do the same.

Initial encouragement from a few key people, momentum and a healthy dose of feminist rage contributed to the women in tech stuff becoming a much more important part of my life. Now, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about these things – whether it’s reflecting on my own place in technology, wondering how I might be able to do more to encourage other young women or working out what I can do to try and combat the ingrained biases that prevent women from thriving in technical degrees and careers.

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